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The Arabs did not invade Persia

The Arabs did not invade  Persia


       In order for this article to make sense please read carefully all the articles in this weblog, see the world differently and upside down, have patience and reflect and above all follow up and memorize, although I know that erasing the lies of the enemies who have told enough lies in 500 years  to last 5000 years is difficult.

       There are those who take an emotional view and consider the Arabs to be the killers of the Iranians and vice versa, however history will not end with our knowledge and information and will not necessarily continue to be so, therefore, let us search the truth in a realistic way. Stupid Saddam thought Gadesiyyeh to be true and hence ruined the nation of western part of Greater Iran i.e. Iraq.

      Today, with the thought that the Arabs came and killed and ransacked and destroyed, anger has been brewed in the hearts from which Imperialists and Zionists benefit.

      I do not know why the historians have not been able to remove these lies, propose new investigation and guide the society in a new way, perhaps they are so entangled in these lies.

      I shall write only briefly about this lie of history so that there is time for study, reflection and enquiry for the dear countrymen and women; nevertheless I shall continue this article in greater detail in the future.

    The second biggest lie in history

      The liars, in order to justify and reason say; "today the genetics specialists have proven the theory that the cradle of all the nations of Semitic races is the Arabian peninsula which once upon a time was fairly habitable but gradually became arid and for this reason the Semitic tribes were forced to migrate north in search of water and pasture....". This lie is very similar to the lie of the migration of the Aryans from the north to Iran which I have explained elsewhere in my weblog, they now say something similar about the Arabs from the south, however, the geography and history of Arabia has been as it is since the beginning of human existence, the same lie applies to the cold and arid lands of the north in case of the Aryans.

      The liars are truly stupid, they say; " centuries passed by this way and the Arabs became poorer and more numerous, day after day and were forced to break down the barriers of Iran and Egypt in search of better lives....." These stupid liars think they lived in the times of Bourgeoisie and colonization, life in the times of sacral kingship was quite fair, all the peoples and tribes had more or less the same rate of birth and death.

      The imperialist liars continue their lies; "one of the promises of Islam for the Arabs was that if they won, Iran, Iraq and Syria would be theirs...."In continuation and in order to justify themselves they write; " the Arab Muslims who were suffering poverty, hoped to be victorious and become prosperous and if they were killed would go to heaven...." and they continue; " for this reason the war of the Arabs against the Iranians had an economic side to it and all the tribes moved on and no one was left in Arabia....." With such writings they have reduced the Arabs to poor shanty dwellers; in those days each tribe had its own territory and was self sufficient in its own land and wealth did not have the meaning it did during the bourgeoisie era and the second wave. Moreover, they have reduced the Muslims at the beginning of their creation to bandits.

      It is very strange that no historian has mentioned such important points at the peak of Islam as being true or false.

      If the bandits unite and ransack, after the first attack they would fight against each other over the stolen goods and the old historic rivalry and vengeance amongst the tribes and the Arabs would resurface. Such people would not have the ability to continue this path and fight again and generally speaking, the planning, organization and ideas would dwindle. If the strategy is for looting then warfare tactics would for the first possession. It is obvious that those who talk as such i.e. looting at the beginning of Islam, are imposing their interpretation of events and are surely from the bourgeoisie and the colonization era. In real history books they brag and lie without suggesting anything.

      They refer to historic texts which no one has seen in any museum or library and claim that "Iran was very unstable, disease was rife, and the economic situation was dire, corruption....." I shall refrain from repeating the nonsense because they are told over and over again in all the so called documents. You see that such writings can only be the mentality of 19 and 20th century London or Paris. Have you ever thought how life must have been 15 centuries ago? How was life four or five centuries go under the first wave or Capitalism or indeed in Europe or Asia? Have you ever thought about the lies they have told about people's lives in the past?

      The battle of Hireh "....he had nothing but an old fence for defending hence he had to give up....) but the reality and the geography suggests otherwise.

      The battle of Elis "....he ordered the beheading of the Iranian hostages for a few days until a stream of blood began flowing, Khaled the commander of Islam did not want to betray his oath.....", with one lie hit three targets; portray the Iranians as cowards and finished with, the Muslims as blood thirsty and finally for their imperialist objectives place Iranians and Arabs against each other. Although no victorious army does as such with his enemy in the first battles, otherwise the enemy becomes so hardened as to avoid capture.

       The battle of Amghelishiya ".........". This battle is belittled down to a peasant because they had no more lies to tell.

      The battle of conquest of Abnar ," Khaled ordered that the soldiers of the enemy who were all covered in iron except for their eyes to be made blind by arrows....." as if they were fighting a herd of sheep! This lie is so stupid that only liars would believe it.

     The war of Al Jasr or Gheis Al Natef , "........." after several ridiculous wars which after studying and analysing tactically and scientifically with the wars of those days it becomes obvious that they are fabrications, the liars are forced to invent another ridiculous war, again tactically wrong, in order to make the Iranians victorious so that their lies are not so spoilt.

      The battle of Bubat ,"..... in this day one hundred Arab fighters each killed one hundred Iranians....", would someone ask these liars, if the Arab fighters wanted each to sacrifice sheep, how many would they manage in a day?

   One must really be stupid in order to accept such rubbish as history.

      The conquest of Ablah and the battle of Zangir (.....they had chained together the feet of the Iranian soldiers so that they could not escape...), what do they want to say with this lie? Where had the chains been manufactured and what were were the locks like? And is it possible at all?

      The liars quoting the king say; Yazdegerd told the representatives of the Arabs: " you used to eat lizards and mice because of severe poverty...." this kind of language is the one used by bourgeoisie and colonization in the past 500 years, in the past everyone was elf sufficient in their natural conditions and for no one poverty had the meaning it has today.

      Some might argue that some of what has been said is lies and others true or other supernatural factors may have played a part. If we accept that some parts are lies then whoever has told some lies could be a big liar, hence we must throw everything away and start anew.

       Ignacio Olague the Spanish historian and investigator has a book titled "The Arabs did not invade Spain", it is an excellent work based on logic, and much irrefutable evidence which proves beyond doubt that the invasion of Spain by the Arabs is all lies. These wars and massacres are baseless stories which have been invented by the Church and the colonizers by their dependant historians in order to save their face.  His book was published in 1985 by Shabaviz publications under a title that in itself is a cover up "Seven centuries of Islamic civilization's ups and downs in Spain".   

  Translated from Farsi by Farzin Malaki;           farzinmalaki@yahoo.co.uk


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