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The Mogul Genghiz Khan

Genghiz Khan (the Mogul)

The attack of Genghiz Khan on Iran, the third biggest lie in history.

      With the appearance of Islam and the disappearance of social classes, the migration of people from villages to cities and larger villages increased enormously. This phenomenon means that one to two centuries after Islam we see the appearance of more and larger cities in the Middle East. In Bagdad there was a high turn over of Caliphas and new rulers were being appointed and these new rulers and the new inhabitants of the newly formed cities not having the mental background to analyze such changes would fight against each other most of the times. In Bagdad the rulers were not unhappy about the situation as they did not mind catching a few fish out of the muddy waters. The fall in the population of the villages and the increase of the population of the cities created new necessity such a farmers and shepherds for food production and breeding horses and other flock. We therefore see that in the first few centuries after Islam kings from many different tribes such as Ghuzz and Tartar and even Comoros and Bulgars etc were brought in and settled in the villages. Many ancient Iranian and Persian areas were surrounded by the newly created non Iranian villages and tribes. Considering the Islamic equality, these new rulers could naturally, within one or two centuries, with the natural social evolution and normal rhythm of life, become influential in the establishment, especially when their youth population were being used in wars, those who themselves would become powerful leaders in their mid life. They even managed to lead some regimen. As these rulers and their people on entering Iran were not literate and not familiar with the days knowledge they were dependent on Iranians and the Farsi speaking ministers about which there is a large volume of evidence. Knowledge, information and literacy were of the Farsi speaking people who mostly lived in the cities and this is why there is no non Farsi or non Arabic text or book up until the Safavid period. In the meanwhile, Iranian thinkers begin to create new sects for the intellectual and social salvation of Iran and the Iranians. These Iranian intellectuals were completely aware and masterly of their task but because of the extent of the country and important events in the past few centuries did not have complete agreement or military and personal power so had to resort to tricks by the influence they had in order to eliminate these new rulers one by one. They encountered one major problem and that was the fatwa of the Caliphas so they had to get rid of the influence of Bagdad in order not to have problems with public opinion, and they had to achieve this by the very people who came to this land for begging, work and at times ransack, but how? In those days there were no Shias and Sunnis as there were in the Ottoman and safavid times in order to fight each other or the bombings in today’s Iraq and Pakistan so a new instrument was required in order to get rid of the Caliphas of Bagdad. A tribe was needed who was the least literate, the most ignorant and drunkard and coward and moreover extremely superstitious, these adjectives are written in books about the moguls; hence the attack of moguls was created and developed. In the period of Khwrezm-Shahs the Farsi speaking Iranian intellectuals use to travel much in order to find what they wanted which they found, what was not true and is not mentioned in any historic text prior to that is the Genghis or Temuchin the son of Yasoo Kay Bahador the head of the Ghiyat tribe from the black tartar family, tartar was a name given to all yellow skinned people by the Iranians. As this blog is not about history itself but a new look at history in order to identify and remove lies from the history of Iran, repeating what has been said in numerous books is avoided, in various Genghis epistles there is mention of the destruction of Balkh and the massacre of its people whereas in fact Balkh was destroyed a hundred years before Genghis by an earthquake and the remaining population had moved to Mazar Sharif. There are references to other cities which to this date no one knows where some of them are because it is lies, one million squared kilometers of central Asia has one hundred cities and not just a few. Mohammad Kharazmi told the Shah: the army of Genghis is a drop and the army of Khwrezm Shah is a sea, so why in the court of Khwrezm Shah where there were men of wars no one said anything? They talk of one or two hundred thousand defending the cities and those attacking numbering many hundreds of thousands, as if they were counting hordes of sheep. these figures may be interesting to idiots but they are simply not true.......The enemies of Iran kill two birds with one stone, for one they portray Iranians as cowards and secondly as simple and gullible for believing such nonsense. In other places they have said that the defenders and the Iranians were cheated and this continued for a few days until they were destroyed. What fool would believe such lies. In another place it is written that Sultan Mohammad in times of anarchy escaped 700 kilometers West through Guilan and Mazandaran which is very difficult to traverse and has travelled back 700  km east, it is exactly the same lie those idiots have said about Alexander. They have written such ridiculous military strategies that have nothing to do with that times military thinking, in those times there were wars between Iranian Shahs and Iranian Khans but none of them used such ridiculous tactics. Who were behind the writing of mysterious letters and what did they contain? Why is there not a single mogul or Chinese sword, armor or military gear in the museums of Iran? Why is there not a sign of war in any of the deserts or indeed any sign of the presence of Moguls in Iran? Why, in the tomb of Sultan Mohammad Khodabandeh said to be Mogul is there not a single Mogul or Turkish vocabulary? Why the Ismaili intellectuals like everyone else did joined the Moguls and why is it said that they killed the rest of the Ismailis? They say of Genghis the drunkard criminal that he was so meticulous in justice that no one dared touch a fallen whip in the barracks unless its owner. There are so many contradictory tales; it is true what they say about liars, that they have a short memory. In other place they say that Genghis was a complete superstitious desert dweller, in which case, such a person at the time could not have been great. Of all the jewelry that they took from China, was is there not a single one in any museum in Iran? More importantly, the gathering of a few hundred thousand men and moving them in 5000 kilometers of hostile terrain towards Iran is totally impossible. How gullible they took the readers of these stories. And of course, in order to justify such nonsense they have told even more incredible lies such as that Yasa was important. Well if it were important why is it not available? If you read what is left over from Yasa you will realize the amount of rubbish and superstition it contains which is above any. If in a small and poor nation like Mongolia where all the superstitious and drunkard tribes were at war with each other at that time, a few thousand men left for Iran then who defended this enemy prone land? They have even written that many mogul princess and rulers die of alcohol abuse. Every page of the documents relating to Genghis is riddled with lies and nonsense. The last Shahs regime in Iran could not use independent academics in the state and education system because of its ties to the enemies so in order to keep the level of the Iranians high personality down repeated the senseless lies of history. They say that Tormaz was the first city run over and destroyed to ground by the Moguls and how an elderly woman in order not to be killed shouted that she had swallowed a pearl but the ruthless Moguls tore apart her stomach and drew out the pearl and then Genghis ordered all the cadavers be torn open to see if there were pearls inside them. There is no such account in the history of this city. The liars say that skilled workers were separated from the rest of the millions who were detained and the rest killed in order to fill the trenches, they though us to be gullible as to take this for true history. What they intended to say with this was of course that the Iranians were idiots. They say that the secret of success of Genghis was the good communication between different parts of his extensive empire and having a single intelligence centre, those who cannot analyze this statement with regards to the times and condition and the means of that era please leave this blog now. How much have they boasted about the moguls horses and their riders but in other places have written that they were so drunk that they would fall from their horses, as if their Iranian rivals who were Muslims and by nature good fighters did not drink alcohol had not seen horses before. They say that the Moguls had good geographical and road a map so why is there not a single one available? They say that some of the fighters believed that Genghis is fighting the Crusaders and those us why they were in its army!!! They have said that the Genghis army was first defeated in Bagdad by a twenty thousand man army, so what happened to the few thousand man army that was undefeatable? They say that in Iraq they massacred all the Sunni towns and took over the administration of all the Shia towns, now this is the crunch of the matter to which I shall return later. Where are the remains of the castle Lake Urmiyeh? Why were accessible places? The answer is that those who wrote such lies took the lake by mistake. The enemies have tried on paper, as much as they could, to patronize the Iranians and gather as much booty from them as possible, so where is one piece of them and in which museum? Look at these statistics; Neyshabur had a population of a million and eight hundred thousand and Herat a million and six hundred thousand and the same goes for the rest of the cities, who would believe such nonsense. As the saying goes the bigger a lie the more easily it is believed by the fools. Twenty to thirty years ago I made so many correction notes in the border of all my books on Genghis and the Moguls that there were no white spaces left. In any case the enemies of Iran have taken advantage of opportunities and sold many such lies to the world but in the 21st century and with the help of internet we should get rid of these likes. The most interesting part of the story is that the very same Moguls who conquered Iran and China were totally run over in a small place like Jerusalem. there is no valuable Iranian or Chinese book on the invasion of the moguls. How is it possible that a huge army is mobilized and advances 5 to 10,000 kilometers and not a single credible book exist on the subject except such nonsense? All western liars themselves confess that there is no real sign of Genghis having been for real. Even the best books in the world on the general history of the middle ages have not written anything on the mogul’s invasion. The book most used by those fabricating the invasion of the moguls is the one written by Marco Polo i.e. "The Description of the world". Marco Polo was a venetian storyteller who never travelled beyond Constantinople, today’s Istanbul, who never travelled east. Every one knows in the West that Marco Polo was a big liar, when he was in the prison of Venice he read the fabricated tales about the conquest of Iran and India by Alexander of Macedonia and was inspired by the stories and together with someone like himself called Rostichillo, turned Moguls into another Alexander Of Macedonia, even more important, and of course the enemies have used this as history. In the 13th century, apart from central and western Europe, the rest of the world was under the rule of the Muslims and Europe was in a bad socio economic shape and there was much hostility against the Easter people because of the success of the Muslims. As they could not defeat the Muslims in the east and north Africa, they did so in stories by the Moguls. For example they created Kublai who is not mentioned in any Iranian or Chinese or European text as the great emperor Kublai Khan, as they created many Mogul rulers in this way. It is surprising that in the 13th and 14th century when the Muslims have most of the world, the European religious propagandists especially the French write long biographies of the illiterate Genghis and sell it as history. In the times of Louis the 14th one of the writers of the court called Petty Du La Croix writes as is politically correct and necessary for the time. In the Vatican archives there is not even a single letter from the 12th, 13th or the 14th century written in Mongolian language but there are many written in Persian. In the past two hundred years a few researchers have started exploring around small parts of this topic because there is no live evidence. Most researchers cannot accept lies as history unless they lack knowledge. However there are those such as Harold Lamb one of the least important personalities invent historic tales and lies such as the stories of: Hannibal, Charlemagne, Justinian, and Tamerlane. The funniest thing is that the oldest history book about the Moguls was written in the colonial period by an American Morjad Weston who was from a fanatical capitalist family and received many important positions for his services. The four volume book on the history of Moguls, from Genghis to Tamerlane is today known as the best book on the subject. Other likeminded people who have written on the subject are, the Austrian orientalist Baron Josefan Hammer wrote the "Iranian Jalayrids" from 1841 to 1843, the German Frontermann Ardeman “the Unbeatable Genghis", Sir Henry Harrods a thick 4 volume books called the History of the Moguls.

      The Russians who in the 19th century has occupied parts of Transoxiana and the Greater Khorasan, tried to use the attack and the massacres by the Moguls in order to weaken the Muslims, therefore Berthold in 1900 wrote about the rise and fall of the desert empires an Vladimir Tesoff solved the difficult and sensitive socio economic and expansionist problems of the moguls, something they had no justification for up until now. Genghis biography and the social life of the moguls were a great help to the western liars for wanting to dominate a group of illiterate and atheist to the advanced Muslims. The German Eric Hainish in 1948 published a simple fairytale about the moguls which has no reference to a date at all. Berthold Eschpoler wrote the Golden Camp and the Moguls and the French Verne Grosse wrote the Empire of the Steppes. Many such writers claim that they have original handwritten manuscripts as evidence but whey has no one else seen them?  Two main sources used by these writers is the " The History of Jahangosha Juwayni" by Ata Malak Juwayni and " The Complete History" by Rashid Al Din Fazl Allah and the main story is from these two books which are full of treason, nonsense and contradictory tales. Amongst thousands of books on the History of Iran only two have little information on the Moguls which themselves have taken from theses sources, one is by Ruze Al Safa and  History and the other Habib Al Seir. Muslim historians who have written on the subject of Moguls never mention the Grey Wolf. Abol Ghazi Khan and Rashid Al Din who claim to have seen many documents on Genghis and express opinions on the origin of the Moguls only mention "Burette Chine" which in Mongolian language means the Grey Wolf as a renounced personality. According to these historians " Alan Ghoa" became pregnant by a human being that descended from the sky as a light and Genghis Khan was born. Wolf, amongst the moguls is a symbol of rage, it is said in history that when Genghis heard the news of the massacre of his people by the men of  Kharazmshah he became angry, climbed a mountain and howled liked a wolf and hence its people realized that they had to prepare for war. There is no ancient castle or fortress or indeed an ancient barrack where such a huge army may have trained and prepared for war. Those who repeat such nonsense should be ashamed, you should have more insight. 

  Translated from Farsi by Farzin Malaki;           farzinmalaki@yahoo.co.uk


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